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Spirituali-TEA w/Dr. LaTanya Moore

The Universi-TEA (Coaching/Course hub)

The Universi-TEA (Coaching/Course hub)

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Are you ready to give up the back and forth with God? Tired of wavering?
• Have you said to yourself “something has to be different; I have not experienced the fruit and abundance that God has for me”?
• Are you feeling stagnant or stuck, like you don't know how to monetize your gifts in a way that honors God?
• Have you identified your purpose but have no idea what to do next?
• Maybe you started a business or nonprofit and realized “I did not set this up right”
• Did you start a nonprofit or business realize that you were not doing it “Gods’ way” or got away from the original vision? Or maybe you’ll felt convicted about “how” you made profit.

Listennnn, if you answer YES to these questions, The Universi-TEA, 8 month coaching and training program is for you. God has given you too many visions/dreams/ideas to just sit on them. He wants you to build relationship, walk in purpose and build business His way.

The Universi-TEA includes:
· 3 program tracks:
o Relationship
o Purpose
o Kingdom
· Digital courses within each track
· Monthly Coaching calls in each track
· Monthly workshops/masterclasses in each track
· Exclusive and Private Communi-TEA platform
· Masterclasses taught by industry experts
· Practical application worksheets/workbooks
· Q&A sessions
· Open Office hours for questions, clarity, and strategy
· A Holy Spirit led team of coaches

o You are ready to decide to go all the way in your spiritual/faith journey
o You’re tired of living the life you currently live because you know THERE IS MORE
o You want to FULLY step into who God has called you to be
o You’ve identified your purpose and you know what God has called you to do but it hasn’t been ACTIVATED or LAUNCHED
o You started walking in your purpose and stopped because it became too hard (especially fear, doubt, procrastination, lack of resources, experienced warfare)
o Feel like you need to get back to the foundational pieces and vision that God gave you
o You’re reAll in on hub using our 5-step framework!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to BUILD, ACTIVATE, and LAUNCH!
Secure your spot before The Universi-TEA hit capacity.

If you are ready to build a solid foundation, activate and launch the vision and purpose God gave you without fear, and build/sustain your kingdom business or nonprofit, hop on a free discovery call today to learn more and get my personalized recommendation for your success. Text COACH to 919-843-8812
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