About Spirituali-TEA

Spirituali-TEA LLC, is the place to build and strengthen your relationship with God using #praACTical tips. Spirituali-TEA was birthed as a podcast in March 2020 as Dr. LaTanya Moore experienced a vision of sitting at a microphone.

The ministry quickly grew into more than a podcast, but a community of believers who wanted more than religious practices and traditions, but true relationship with God. 

The Spirituali-TEA Shop was created at the end of Season One of the podcast in September 2020, creating faith-based tees and products for believers to BODLY expresses their faith. 

If you are looking for ways to get closer to God through practical steps, you are in the right place. Tune in to the podcast, shop, and sign up for The Friday Fill-Up (weekly devotionals).

WELCOME to Spirituali-TEA!

Dr. LaTanya