Our story began with a vision from God with Dr. LaTanya Moore sitting at a microphone, inspiring her to launch a podcast in March 2020, sharing practical tips to build and strengthen your relationship with God. Now, the podcast and brand has over 55K downloads, 90K followers on social media, and is streamed in over 100 countries around the world.

What started as a podcast quickly evolved into a vibrant community of thousands of believers seeking an authentic relationship with God. Dr. LaTanya credits her “religious and ratchet” season turned true relationship with God after He met her in her kitchen as the pivotal moment for all things acceleration in her life. Her transparency in all things spirituality, mental health, purpose, and Kingdom business is what draws people into their transformation as well.

In September 2020, at the end of Season One, the Spirituali-TEA Shop was introduced, offering faith-based tees and products that empower you to boldly express your faith. The faith-filled brand has continued to grow at an accelerated rate through Holy Spirit led movement and surrender. The foundation of Spirituali-TEA is predicated upon Matthew 7:7, a charge to Ask, Seek, Knock. Spirituali-TEA values radical and swift obedience, being Holy Spirit filled and led, and launching out fully into your God-given purpose/calling, therefore prompting you to do the same.

If you're yearning for practical steps to draw closer to God and elevate your faith, you've found your home. Tune in to our podcast, explore our shop, and join in for devotional, prayer, and coaching for next level acceleration..