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Spirituali-TEA w/Dr. LaTanya Moore

How to Start a Podcast (Ebook):A #practical guide for ACTivating your voice

How to Start a Podcast (Ebook):A #practical guide for ACTivating your voice

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This eBook is a comprehensive HOW TO guide for those who have never created a podcast or if you've allowed FEAR to hold you back.  Within a matter of minutes, your voice can be heard all over the world with a podcast. Often, fear holds us back from using our voices in the world. 

This ebook, 25 pages of content, and guided questions will help you start your podcast and ACTivate your voice, without fear. Your voice was created to change the world, move BODLY in what He has called you to do!



On the pages of this ebook you'll #practical guidance on:

  • Constructing your WHY
  • Getting started

  • Equipping your show

  • Planning Episodes

  • Recording alone or with guests

  • Editing

  • Creating Show Notes

  • Branding your show

  • Hitting publish

  • Marketing Your Podcast

  • Connecting to the podcast community

  • Monetizing your podcast

  • Your personalized launch checklist

  • ACTivating your voice

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